And now for some good news

Update time!

So, #1: I got a job as the Chief Technical Officer at Tucknologies! It’s a small web app company started by one of my friends from my masters studies. I did some freelance work for them over the winter, but one of their top spots opened up and they offered it to me. It means I had to move back to Michigan, but it’s a pretty awesome opportunity. Gonna have to do a lot of research and stay up to snuff on tech stuff, but it should be fun. 

Welcome to 2014

Once again, it's been a while since the last update.  I was planning to do one when something truly noteworthy happened (see first topic), but that might still be a while so here goes.

Job Hunt

The job search is continuing for me, so I'm trying to keep myself busy with small, personal projects in the meantime.  Staying optimistic despite setbacks.  It sounds like a pretty common trend to still be looking for work after half a year out of college, but it's still the pits.  High time I send out another wave of applications.

Suddenly it's November

Time has a habit of getting away from me when it comes to doing blog updates, even when I have worthy topics to post.  As you can imagine a lot has happened since June, but I try to keep this blog focused more on my work and projects rather than on wholly personal topics.